About Munkee Bar, Raw Energy Bars.

About Munkee

At our Florida-based Munkee Bar kitchen, we have only one goal: making deliciously nutritious raw energy bars that you can have on-the-go, and that will put your good energy in motion.

We’re in the business of being honest with ourselves and those around us, and make the right thing to eat and share with others. That’s why we aspire to see the Munkee Bars making good energy go contagious.

As a family-based business with a home-made touch, we source the highest quality ingredients, we manufacture the Munkee Bars ourselves, and we keep on working to bring an ever-growing offer of all-natural junk-free whole food protein bars that make you feel energized and satisfied, bringing you the kind of energy you want to attract, enjoy and share with others.


The Munkee Bars are Made with Natural Ingredients and Nothing to Hide!

We believe that honesty is the best policy, which is why the Munkee Bar is fully transparent. As we say, it’s a raw energy bar with natural ingredients and nothing to hide. We have created it based on our personal experience, after getting sick (literally) of eating processed foods, and finding in our kitchen our love for making good, honest and healthy food that you can enjoy. The recipes that soon became the Munkee Bar have helped us to feel strong and healthy, and overcome every digestive problem that eating bad was bringing us.